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MNEMOSENE Newsletter No. 1

​MNEMOSENE Newsletter No. 2

MNEMOSENE Newsletter No. 3

MNEMOSENE Newsletter No. 4


D1.1 Report on targeted applications, their applications and requirements (IBM, M08)

​D1.2 First report on new algorithmic solutions (TUD, M18)

D1.3 Final report on new algorithmic solutions (TUD, M30)

​D2.1 First version programming interface at the micro- and macro-levels (TUE, M12)

​D2.2 First backend compiler for micro-instructions (TUE, M18)

D2.3 First version parallelizing orchestrating compiler targeting CIM macro-instructions (INRIA, M24)

D2.4 Complete Parallelization, Orchestration and Compilation Flow (INRIA, M28)

D3.1 Initial macro CIM architecture and CIM-ISA (TUE, M12)

D3.2 Initial communication protocols and infrastructure (ETHZ, M15)

D3.3 Refined CIM architecture (TUE, M27)

D3.4 Report on Mapping of Micro-Kernels to Macro-Architecture (ETHZ, M30)

D4.2 Initial models of memristive device (RWTH, M12)

D4.3 Refined Models of Memristive Device (RWTH, M24)

D4.4 Initial memristor crossbar logic / arithmetic and memory design and models (IMEC, M18)

D4.5 Refined memristor crossbar-based logic and memory design and models (IMEC, M34)

D4.6 Initial CIM microarchitecture (IMEC, M18)

D4.7 Refined CIM microarchitecture (IMEC, M34)